Pfeiffer Classic Rutherglen Topaque

Rutherglen, White, Muscadelle, Fortified
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Rich, luscious and silky smooth, with a fullness of fruit that slides across the palate.
Grapes Muscadelle

Vintage Average Age 10 years old

Seal Screw Cap

Reviews James Halliday Australian Wine Companion 2014 Edition

James Halliday Australian Wine Companion 2012 Edition
"Bright gold-amber; has good varietal expression, with sweet honey, butterscotch and sweet cake flavours. No-one could fail to be hooked."

James Halliday Australian Wine Companion 2010 Edition
"The colour is a little deeper than the Rutherglen, the bouquet is more complex and the palate distinctly richer and more viscous in texture: however, it is the varietal character of tokay still doing the work."

August 2005 The Australian Financial Review

Jan/Feb 2004 US Wine and Spirit Magazine

Awards TROPHY: Brisbane Fine Wine Festival 2009
TROPHY: Wagga Wine Show 2006
TOP 100 Wines in World US Wine & Spirit 2004
TOP 100 Wines Australian Wine Vintages 2010
GOLD: Riverina Wine Show 2013
GOLD: Australian Wine Showcase Magazine 2013
GOLD: Victorian Wines Show 2011
GOLD: Brisbane Fine Wine Festival 2009
GOLD: Wagga Wine Show 2006
SILVER: Victorian Wines Show 2013
SILVER: Australian Small Winemakers Show 2013
SILVER: Riverland Wine Show 2013
SILVER: Riverland Wine Show 2012
SILVER: Cowra Wine Show 2012
SILVER: Riverland Wine Show 2011
SILVER: Cowra Wine Show 2011
SILVER: Ballarat Wine Show 2009
SILVER: Riverland Wine Show 2009
SILVER: Ballarat Wine Show 2008
SILVER: Victorian Wines Show 2008
SILVER: Riverland Wine Show 2008
SILVER: Ballarat Wine Show 2007
SILVER: Riverland Wine Show 2007
SILVER: Victorian Wines Show 2006
SILVER: Boutique Wine Awards 2004
SILVER: Ballarat Wine Show 2004
SILVER: Victorian Wines Show 2004
SILVER: Australian Small Winemakers Show 2004
SILVER: Victorian Wines Show 2003
SILVER: Australian Small Winemakers Show 2003
SILVER: Ballarat Wine Show 2003
BRONZE: Ballarat Wine Show 2013
BRONZE: Cowra Wine Show 2013
BRONZE: Victorian Wines Show 2012
BRONZE: Riverina Wine Show 2012
BRONZE: Cairns Wine Show 2010
BRONZE: Riverland Wine Show 2010
BRONZE: Hot Climate Wine Show 2010
BRONZE: Cairns Wine Show 2008
BRONZE: Riverina Wine Show 2008
BRONZE: Ballarat Wine Show 2006
BRONZE: Ballarat Wine Show 2005
Each year Rutherglen Topaque grapes are harvested at high sugar levels. This wine is then transferred into barrels and casks of different volumes for several years (anything between 5 and 50 years). These parcels of varying ages are then blended together prior to bottling to create the perfect balanced wine, for drinking now.

Our Classic Rutherglen Topaque contains classic aromas of honey and malt. The palate is wonderfully rich and slides across the tongue, lingering long after the final sip.
Partners Greek Honey Fritters

Cellar With and average age of 12years, enjoy now.

Preservative (220) Added.

Technical Details Res Sugar 231.3 g/L
pH 3.82
TA 4.8 g/L
Alcohol 17.5% v/v


  • Rutherglen
  • Muscadelle
  • Fortified

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