Gwynnyth Vineyard 2015 Vintage Cabernet Liqueur


Delicious Cabernet Vintage Liqueur 2015

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Gwynnyth Vineyard
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Cabernet Vintage Liqueur 2015

Our latest addition to our range, a luscious liqueur Cabernet.

Our Cabernet grapes were allowed to ripen under nets until reaching 16.5 degrees Beamé.  After crushing, the must was allowed to start fermenting and then fortified with a mixture of neutral and brandy spirit.  The wine was stored in oak for six month to gain further complexity before bottling.

The wine has a most vivid red-purple colour. The nose has intense sweet cherry and blackcurrant/elderberry aromas with some vanilla oak.  On the palate there is buckets of fruit and sweet unctuous mouth-feel. The acid and oak tannin finish prepare the palate for the next luscious sip.

Drink now for fruit flavour or age for up to 25 years for complexity.

The wine bottled into 375 ml dark-green bottles.


  • Pyrenees

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