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So what’s the Story?
We get asked that a lot.

Our answer? Every wine has a story. The problem is, most of them are poorly told, and sound the same. Hills, Valleys, the drover’s dog, the nasty horse, the brook, the bridge and the vale. Meaningless topography. Even worse, some are completely contrived, cynically picked to reach broad demographics in broader retail chains. Homogenised, pasteurised, dross.

Every wine does have a story. A unique tale of vineyard, season, variety, technique, and timing. Each wine is made by an individual that brings to it his or her own traits and circumstance. It’s these human relationships that make each wine what it is. The relationship between winemaker and wine, maker and vineyard manager, maker and designers, suppliers, media, families, friends and customers. Each experience and exchange influences the final product both in a physical sense and in an attitudinal one. These relationships create the stories that give wine its true worth, for wine is a nothing if not a dialogue between people. Every wine has a story. Every wine is a story.

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