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Dromana , Victoria 3936

Garry and Rollo Crittenden are dedicated small scale wine makers with an exciting range of handcrafted wines. Today, their efforts are channelled into producing small batches of wines that elegantly and emphatically speak of their varietal and geographic provenance under the Crittenden Estate, Los Hermanos, Pinocchio and Geppetto ranges.

Our family takes great care, pleasure and pride in the wine it produces. The portfolio spans estate-grown, cool climate wines of Burgundian origin, new and exciting Italian varietals and other regional classics from both the Mornington Peninsula and further afield from some of central and north-east Victoria’s finest vineyards.

While that is indicative of how far this family company has come since planting its first vines on the Peninsula more than 30 years ago, there is one overriding and essential constant linking all phases of its winemaking endeavours: a deep-seated commitment to doing everything possible in the vineyard that leads to the finest fruit quality and, afterwards, treating that fruit in the winery in such a way as to ensure it produces inspirational wine that reflects such care, passion and craftsmanship.


Our Vineyards

Although we're a vineyard, we really see ourselves as ‘farmers’.

We’re not driven by a ‘green’ philosophy; we just do what we have always done – look after our soil and vines, so that we’re kind on the environment and we continue to produce even better wines.

These days it’s called farm biology, but our mantra has always been that great wines are created in the vineyard and are only enhanced in the vats and barrels. It probably comes from Garry’s horticultural background, but it is also overlaid with respect for the environment and a lot of common sense about how you treat the land for sustainability.

We minimise chemical use and synthetic products, we use cover crops such as peas and oats, we compost and use recycled water. This builds natural disease resistance in the vineyard, which makes healthier vines and grapes, and the result is simply better wine.

If that makes us ‘green’, then we’re happy to wear the label.

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