Getting Started as a Producer


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Getting Started as a Producer is a website owned and operated by the non profit Cameron Edge and Cameron Foundation. It is a free community service whose aim is to help local producers sell their products using the internet.


It provides each producer with their own personalized online shop where they can display and sell their products.


It is not only completely free, it is also very easy to get started.


If you have an email address and access to the internet and currently accept credit cards, you can be selling online in a couple of hours.


If you already have a website it is even easier - you can just copy images and text from your existing website (see Copying content from an existing website).


All you have to do is:


Register as a producer

Describe yourself and your products

Check your email for incoming orders


Your obligations as a producer are described in the Terms and Conditions. The key obligations and the rationale behind them are described in more detail in Producer Pledges.


Now let's get you online! Start by learning how to register - See Register as a producer or click on the right arrow at the top right of this page.