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G’day everyone,
Hope this email finds you well and with glass of wine in hand. EXCITING NEWS! I’ve just returned from an epic wine adventure making wine at one of the top producers in the Margaret River, Woodlands. It was hard work, long hours and lots of beer was required… but I made it through and I return to you renewed and keen to share whole lot of exciting news.
Firstly, I am now focused entirely on building my very own wine endeavour; From The Producer. It is an online marketplace for producers that cuts a heap of cost out of the supply chain and shares those savings between you and the producer; you pay less, they get more.
Secondly, I have signed a HEAP of awesome new top quality producers for you to select from. We now have over 300 top quality wine producers with more coming on board everyday (we have more than 50 James Halliday 5 star producers). There are so many to choose from now, it will be just down to you getting behind the concept and showing them some love with a purchase or two.
Thirdly, we are moving rapidly towards a loyalty model that will reward you handsomely for shopping direct with the producer and cutting out all of the waste built into the traditional bricks and mortar (and even online store) model. It will be a multi-tier model where the more you spend the greater the discounts. 
We are still running on FTP version 1.0 so you will see that the shipping model needs fixing and that there is no loyalty model yet. Our aim is to launch FTP 2.0 with full loyalty and some additional features to make your lives easier
So lets help you get started by making things real easy and giving you three super duper hand selected mixed six-packs for you to choose from. I love all of the wines in these packs and I know you will too. If you don’t, We’ll refund your money. Click on the link, chuck in your credit card deets and away you go:

  • Woodlands mixed six (3 different Cabernet blends) $220 – My place of employment over the last 12 weeks and also my top pick of the Margaret River producers back in November 2013 when we visited for the first time. Whilst I didn’t have a hand in making these wines, you can get a good picture of the quality of the site and the wines that I have worked on in 2017. This pack includes my favourite Bordeaux blend made in the Margaret river; the super sexy Margaret Cabernet Merlot Malbec
  • Xanadu mixed six (2 Chardonnay, 2 Cabernet, 2 Shiraz) $200 – Can do no wrong in my eyes. The Cabernet in this pack is one of the very best I tried in the 12 weeks I was in the region and they are just smashing every single wine they make. Have always been a big admirer of their Chardonnay too and the 2014 will not disappoint.
  • Snake + Herring mixed six (2 GSM, 2 Cabernet, 2 Tempranillo) $180 – A bit of a quirky producer adopting the new model of wine production; much of their wine is made with fruit from contract growers. The wines have a freshness and an immediacy about them that makes them really attractive and good to drink no matter the occasion. Great value here

….. and, as well as getting great wine, giving a bit back, getting silver membership, being an innovator, a legend and a star, you will also get FREE SHIPPING and 5% off the sticker price at checkout!
In my best Arnie voice….. JUUUUST DOOOOO IT!
Catchya next week and have a great weekend - bring on the wine.


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