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I have to admit that I haven’t paid as much attention to Fowles as I should have. They have been riding just below my radar for many years and I’m not sure why. Probably a result of not being in an established and popular wine region, maybe because they have a quirky kind of label that I din’t take seriously enough… or maybe because I just hadn’t gotten around to trying their wines.

Well, try their wines I have now done! Stopped at their cellar door at Avenel just North of Seymour I have now done. Eaten at their restaurant I have now done…. and served one of their wines (the “Are You Game” Shiraz) an my “what you should be drinking this summer” tasting event I have now done. All of this has led me to this one conclusion; drink more Fowles wines.

Let me run you through a few of the wines I’ve tasted recently:

Fowles Wines “Are You Game” Shiraz 2013 ($16.95) – A gold medal winner at the 2015 Royal Melbourne Wine show, the quality is completely evident of first spell. Nice spicy lifted cool climate shiraz on the nose. Real intensity in the mouth and just a really great drinking drink. Just such “happy juice” – you’d be happy you had opened this on any occasion…. and completely wrapped when you realised it’s just 17 bucks. Complete bargain for a wine of this quality – 94 points 


Fowles Wines “Ladies Who Shoot Their Lunch” Shiraz 2013 (34.95) – A bit of a step up from the “Are You Game” Shiraz but that’s not immediately apparent on opening. This was definately a “grower” for me. Took a while to warm to and hence could be easily overlooked in a show judging scenario. Its a beautifully long, perfumed and really well structured wine. Where the “Are You Game” shiraz is one you’d take out partying all night, the “Ladies Who Shoot Their Lunch” is the one you’d take home to meet your mum….. over a rabbit casserole and a glass of shiraz of course – 95 points, excellent wine just needs decanting and a bit of time to open up.


Fowles Wines “Ladies Who Shoot Thier Lunch” Riesling 2013 ($34.95) – I had this with my quite excellent Salmon over lunch when I visited late last year. It was a warm day and sitting outside sipping this quite crisp, dry yet aromatic white wine was just great. I really liked this but think it’s maybe a bit overpriced for Riesling given what else is out there at this price point – 93 points

Fowles wines “Are You Game” Chardonnay ($16.95) – These wines are simply outstanding value, there is nothing more to it than that. No the biggest or most complex Chardy you’ll ever have but just a joy to drink. There’s plenty there for enjoyment as an aperitif or just to open with lunch. Lovely stuff – 92 points

A final note is that this is a great spot for lunch. It convenient and well worth a stop if you driving down (or up) the Hume. Worth a day trip too if you’re looking for an excursion from Melbourne.


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