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Wine of the week

This email comes from you direct from the wonderful (but also cold) Grampians. I'm currently sitting in front of the open fire thinking about what I'd like to drink tonight and my mind keeps slipping back to a single wine that I tasted again last weekend..... well, OK, two wines but I promise I'm going to keep it brief this week. PROMISE.

I first tasted the thrilling 2015 Best's Bin 1 Shiraz  late in 2016 at the Vic 100 festival (celebrating the top 100 wines from Victoria). What really struck me about the wine was just how much it stood out in such an esteemed crowd of exellent (and sometimes very expensive) wines. There was a real vitality and energy about the wine that I loved and now, 8 months later, it has added a silky, almost creamy smoothness to the mix - 95 points
"The combination of quality, style and price make this a no-brainer. You can buy this with absolute confidence. Go forth. Buy. Prosper. Drink well." - Campbell Mattinson
The Best's Bin 0 Shiraz 2015 - Simply magical
The Best's Bin 1 Shiraz 2015 - Irresistible drinking
($23/btl in a straight 6) 

Yep, it's a big step up from the $23 Bin 1 to the $85 Best's Bin 0 Shiraz 2015. But having tasted a LOT of these wines throughout my life, I can confidently say that this vintage will still be improving for 20 years if you can resist it. The difference between these two wines is largely vine age and oak treatment. Some of the vines that contribute to the Bin 0 are amongst the oldest on the planet and this renders the wine with a depth and complexity rarely seen anywhere else in Australia; even the world. Because of this underlying fruit complexity, the wine is treated with more top quality French oak; lending structure and complexity.

As is often the way with the Bin 0, it's a medium weight wine but that belies its inherent power and length. It hits the tastebuds like a missile and just keeps on giving for many long minutes thereafter. The 2015 release is simply magical; one of my top three Bin 0 releases to date - 97 points
OK, I said I'd keep it brief this week so that's it.



Hahahahahaha, but if you got this far you must be interested in more..... sorry (not sorry) but there are just a few more Best's wines that I'm really excited about. You really should take a look at these crackers too:

Best's Great Western Cabernet ($25) has just recently picked up a trophy at the Ballarat wine show and a Top Gold at the Victorian wine show. It's the deep blackberries and black currant that I really dig - 94pts

Best's Sparkling Shiraz 2013 ($35) is sumptuous, chewy, generous, sweet/savoury, effervescent and just plain yummy. If you regret buying it, I'll give you twice your money back - 94pts

Best's Great Western Riesling 2016 ($25) should be your 'go to' wine with anything spicy. Thai, Indian, Malaysian, Vietnamese and Mexican; it pairs perfectly with the lot - 94pts


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