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About From The Producer

From The Producer is passionate about connecting small and independent Australian wine producers with the new generation of customers looking for more than just the generic brands. We champion the small, the new and the brilliant without bias or compromise (we even support producers of cheese, olives and meat and more). Because you go direct through the producer themselves, we can cut out the middlemen and ensure customers get a great deal and producers get paid more. We are here to bring curious customers together with passionate producers and reward both for making the connection.  Customers who go direct through From The Producer earn loyalty points giving up to 20% effective discount on every single product across the site. You can be sure of the provenance of every item you purchase because all of your goods are sent direct "from the producer". We are not a shop and do not carry any physical inventory. There has been no stock sitting around in a hot retail shop for years on end, no failed exports that have been sitting in the hot sun on the docks and no product that has been mishandled and mistreated by careless warehousing. Stock sent directly from the producer to you; cutting out a lot of risk and a heap of cost.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why am I seeing multiple shipping charges?

Because your items are all coming direct from the producer (just like ebay), shipping is calculated based on how many producers you shop with. If you place 12 bottles in your cart from 12 separate producers, those items will likely come from 12 different locations and thus incur 12 lots of shipping charges. We offer free shipping on all orders above $200 originating from a single producer. So why not grab a mixed case from any of our great producers and enjoy the rewards of going direct. We also offer industry leading rewards that equate to REAL discounts taking you right back to good old fshioned cellar door prices.

Loyalty program?

From The Producer is a direct to producer model. This cuts out a heap of cost and we reward you by giving you significant REAL rewards. As you support the independant producers behond From The Producer more and more, you have the chance to earn better and better rewards. We love you showing how much you love the producers and reward you to the tune of:

New member: 5% reward (5 points per $100 spent - 5 points = $5off your next purchase)

Bronze member: 10% reward (10 points per $100 spent - 10 points = $10 off your next purchase)

Silver Mmeber: 15% reward (15 points per $100 spent - 15 points = $15 off your next purchase)

Gold Member: 20% reward (20 points per $100 spent - 20 points = $20 off your next purchase)

Platinum Member: 25% reward (25 points per $100 spent - 25 points = $25 off your next purchase)

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Who do I contact if I have a problem with something I bought?

Your main point of contact is with the producer you made the purchase with. The commercial relationship is between you and that producer. From The Producer brings you together with great producers, facilitates the transaction and manages the loyalty program. We do not hold any physical inventory, pack the boxes or do the deliveries. However, if you are unhappy with a product or a producer we encourage you to let us know and to post a review on the web site to inform other potential customers of your experience.

You can find the full contact details of each producer by clicking on the name of the producer which is displayed on each product page.

Are my credit card details secure?

Yes - see our privacy policy for details.

I am a producer - will I make more sales if I list on FromTheProducer?

FromTheProducer is a marketplace or a tool for you to use as you choose. Think of From The Producer as you would If you have a product that is in demand and at a good price, you will likely make sales.  Producers who use the marketplace well will make more direct sales - producers who don't probably will not.

Using the site well involves:

  • making your products look attractive to potential customers by posting competitive prices and relevant information including tasting notes and awards/accolades
  • posting items of interest to potential customers in the FromTheProducer newsletter
  • referring to FromTheProducer in your normal marketing activities